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TV And Home Theater

  • Supports AUX, SD ,USB and Bluetooth devices
  • Easy to use control panel
  • 4-inch bass driver for bigger sound


Award-Winning Sound System

Independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media have given the e235 Luna E 2.1 Edifier speaker system the 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree. Its outstanding design and engineering have set it apart from competitors.

The Power Of Bluetooth 4.0

With a signal reception range of up to 300 feet and the use of Bluetooth 4.0 aptX this audio system achieves high-quality sound no matter where you place it. Best of all, it can be controlled from virtually anywhere in your house through your paired device. This powerful 2.1 speaker system is THX certified with built-in Digital Signal Processing, Dynamic Range Control and 3D Sound Processing. This model also features connectivity via optical or auxiliary input port. Ideal for your Nintendo, Playstation, or Xbox console.

Wireless Subwoofer

The subwoofer is wirelessly connected at a 5.8GHz radio frequency to its satellite companions. Built with two 8-inch drivers to provide clear, crisp sound. With its 100-watt built-in amplifier, the subwoofer takes your music to the next level, leaving the wires behind. It’s a match made in heaven when combining the subwoofer and the 2-way satellite speakers. Designed with dual layer housing to provide outstanding sound dampening, this team provides professional sound tuning. Both satellites are equipped with a ¾” tweeter and a 3-inch driver producing 38w.

Sleek Remothe And Simple Touch Controls

Edifier’s e235 2.1 speaker system is controlled easily with the slick remote that accompanies the system. The small and thin remote fits right in your pocket for simple volume control. Closer to the speaker than the remote? Thanks to the touch sensitive controls on the e235 Edifier system, the remote is not always necessary. The touch sensitive controls on the speaker allow you to turn the system on and off, and adjust the volume without using the remote. It also features


If red is too flashy, the award-winning sound system also comes in black, white, blue and orange to better match your home’s interior design. *Colors may vary by region.



Total Power Output RMS 16W × 2 + 22W x 2 + 100W
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥85dBA
Input Sensitivity AUX: R/L: 550±50mV SW: 800±50mV Optical: R/L: 300±50mFFS SW: 250±50mFFS Bluetooth: R/L: 300±50mFFS SW: 250±50mFFS
Input type Optical/AUX/Bluetooth
Bass unit 8 inch (210mm)
Mid-range unit 3 inch (82mm)
Treble unit Φ19mm silk dome
EAN code 6923520264810 (Red)

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Rated 0.76 out of 5 stars
792 reviews
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792 reviews for E235

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